Our Mission

-  To advocate for the ideals and values of the Democratic Party


-  To improve participation in the election process among Democrats


-  To support and elect Democratic candidates in all elections

From the Chair of the Polk County Democratic Executive Committee 

Katherine Sutherland, MD

The Lakeland Democratic Club has been nominated and elected as the Club of the month for April 2020!  Your club has done a great job transitioning to digital and continuing to keep your members engaged with the N2N program, postcards, and texting to encourage voting my mail and voter engagement.  ​

July 9th - ZOOM Meeting Notice

The Lakeland Democratic Club will be conducting their their 4rth ZOOM Meeting for the safety of our members due to the Covid-19 crisis. We experienced the stay at home feeling that others are feeling nationwide. We welcome all to attend and appreciate your input at our July 9th meeting on ZOOM.


 We strive to have interesting meetings bringing in speakers to educate and inform our members of current issues which affect our city, state and country.  And, while doing this, still have fun and enjoy the company of like minded diverse individuals.

Lakeland Democratic Club will be hosting a "Political Forum" meeting with candidates from two sectors of our locale - the County Commission and the School Board. Each of the following will be speaking and answering questions:

Bob Doyle, County Commission District # 3,

Anita Carson, School Board District 2

Billy Townsend, School Board District 1.


The following guests are also welcomed and will provide a brief self introduction:

Alan Cohn, US House District 15

Eric Bautista, FL House District 56


Special Introduction: 

Daniel Jones, Field Organizer, East Polk County

Zoom Teleconferencing..

When:    Thursday July 9, 2020 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Eastern Time - NY
Where:   In the comfort of your home (self shelter)


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